Nominations Process

We invite brands and individuals from all corners of the luxury industry to participate in the Diversity in Luxury Awards by submitting nominations. Nominations can be made by industry professionals, experts, consumers, or even self-nominations. The process is simple and accessible, allowing everyone to contribute to the recognition of those who exemplify diversity and inclusivity.

To nominate a brand or individual, visit our official website and fill out the nomination form, providing details about their remarkable initiatives, campaigns, and contributions to advancing diversity within the luxury sector. The deadline for nominations is [deadline date], so be sure to submit your nominations before this date to ensure consideration.

Award Categories

These categories represent the diverse areas of the luxury industry where we strive to highlight and we wish to honour those who are driving change and creating a more inclusive landscape. Each category recognises the unique contributions and achievements made by individuals and brands in their respective fields.

This award acknowledges a luxury brand that has demonstrated exceptional commitment to diversity and inclusivity in its products, marketing, and overall brand ethos. The recipient has successfully embraced diversity as a core value, fostering a welcoming and representative environment for all customers and employees.

This category celebrates a luxury company or organization that has made significant strides in promoting ethical practices within the industry. From sustainable sourcing to fair labor practices, the awardee sets an example for other luxury brands to follow, ensuring that luxury and responsibility go hand in hand.

This prestigious award honors an individual or organization that has been a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in the luxury sector. The recipient has taken bold steps to challenge stereotypes, break barriers, and promote a more inclusive luxury landscape.

This award celebrates a luxury brand that has successfully collaborated with artists, designers, or cultural institutions to create unique, diverse, and culturally enriched luxury products or experiences. The recipient showcases the beauty of merging artistic creativity with luxury craftsmanship.

This category applauds a luxury design that embraces diverse cultural influences, reflecting a global perspective in its aesthetics and craftsmanship. The awardee showcases how cultural diversity can enrich and elevate the world of luxury design.

This category recognizes a luxury marketing campaign that has leveraged its influence to create a positive social impact. The award highlights campaigns that inspire change, challenge societal norms, and drive conversations around critical issues.

This award recognizes an exceptional entrepreneur from diverse background who has made a significant impact on the luxury industry. The recipient’s story inspires others to pursue their passions and redefine the concept of luxury entrepreneurship.

This category celebrates innovation in luxury that is centered around inclusivity and accessibility. Whether it’s designing products for differently-abled individuals or implementing innovative practices to cater to a diverse clientele, this award highlights forward-thinking approaches in luxury.

This award acknowledges a luxury retailer that provides an exceptional and inclusive shopping experience for all customers. The recipient fosters a welcoming atmosphere, celebrates diversity in its staff, and prioritizes inclusivity in customer interactions.

This prestigious award celebrates a luxury leader who has been instrumental in driving social change within the industry. The awardee is recognized for championing diversity, breaking barriers, and leading by example in creating a more inclusive luxury landscape.

Award Nomination Form

Nominations are now open. Closing date for nominations 5th August 2024.
Please fill out this award nomination form to nominate a person for an award. Nominees can be nominated for several awards.